Musescore 3.5 Beta Drumset / Instrument Files

• Jun 13, 2020 - 00:50

I use VDL pretty regularly with Musescore, and I've created a custom instrument XML file to add all of the instruments the VDL adds. With 3.5 Beta when I load in custom drumset or instrument files it resets all of the noteheads to the "normal" notehead. Has anyone else experienced this issue?


The way noteheads are managed is a bit different in 3.5. Any solution working for 3.4 would need to be recreated.
I would love to see what you are doing here and think it could be interesting to release a VDL pack as an extension that would include all proper settings and template, etc.

I experienced this issue when I used your XML file with MuseScore 2 and transitioned to 3. I'm not sure if this is currently what's going on with the shift from 3.4.2 to 3.5.

With the XML file you published with the VDL with MuseScore tutorial, the noteheads are assigned like this:

In a .drm file that I edited to have proper noteheads, the same drum looks like this:

Not sure if this is how it is on your end. I haven't tried this out with 3.5 yet.

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Dec 14, 2018 Cannot load .drm from MS 2.3.2 into MS 3 JoJo Schmitz said “IIRC notehead names change from just numbers to textual ones”. This seems to be the problem here.
I have just bumped into this one: .mscz files converted fine, but starting a new score, I lost all the percussion notehead definitions in instruments.mxl.
There are workarounds. If you load an old score with the notes displayed properly in a staff, you can save a new .drm file with the notehead numbers magically changed to text, whether or not the notes are used in the staff.
If you do not use .drm files but keep all your drum definitions in an instruments.xml file, you can then copy the inner XML from the .drm file to the instruments.mxl file.
However it would seem that the <head> element is deprecated and should be replaced by a <noteheads> element. If you try to set the notehead using the V3.5 drum editor, it does not set the <head> element correctly and there is a conflict with <noteheads> which wins.
AFAICT there is no documentation for <noteheads>.
I would update the… page to add <noteheads> and correct some bad internal links, however it states: "Taken from (…)" which makes life a bit complicated. Which is the real document?

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