Musescore Autobeaming no longer beams over rests?

• Jun 12, 2020 - 23:45

A score I was working on a few months ago I had a lot of intricate rhythms, where I needed a lot of beams over a lot of rests due to the nature of it. I found out that since I had set the meter to beam each quarter note group, I could select all applicable instruments, click "auto" for the beams, and it would automatically, perfectly create stemlets. However, at some point later I had edited something which got rid of the beams. Now when I'm trying to do it again, it doesn't do this.

How can I redo this so I can immediately get the stemlets as I need them? Clicking all rests and clicking the "middle" beam options completely breaks the beat-grouping that there needs to be.


Click the rests that you want to beam over and set only those to middle.

There was a bug in some older versions where the "Auto" setting would also beam over a rest, but that bug was fixed some time ago. It might have seemed a useful bug for your particular case, but it was bad for most people who didn't want beams over rests when they set all beams to auto.

So, if you wish to beam over a rest, it needs to be set explicitly to middle.

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A lot of the issues in my case is I need beams both in the middle and the start, for multiple dozens of measures in different locations, across multiple instruments. Image attached below.

If that was a bug, is there a way I could get the code for auto-beaming from that older version and put it in the version I'm currently using by copy/pasting a folder or something like that? I'm using a nightly build on the piece currently to get measure numbers located at the center of the bottom staff of each page, so I'd need to retain that feature and ideally be able to automatically beam rests according to the beat divisions I have.

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