"This item is temporarily unavailable" for all songs on Android app + Connection problem

• Jun 12, 2020 - 08:34


I've just discovered Musescore and downloaded the Android app to my tablet (an Amazon Fire HD 2018). Unfortunately, no matter what song I click on I get the following message: "This item is temporarily unavailable".

Do I need to be signed in to access the scores? If that's the case then here's the next issue: If I go to "Profile" / "Login" / "Continue with e-mail" and enter my username and password, I now get: "No connection. Please check yout internet connection", despite definitely being connected to my Wifi network. The search function in the app (which obviously need the internet) works, so I don't know what I'm receiving this connection message.

Could anyone help me with the above issues?



Update: I tried logging in again, this time using the Google account on my tablet, and it worked. I then logged out and tried to log back in with my Musescore username & password... that worked now too. I then clicked on a score and it loaded without any problem... So basically my issue is resolved now =) There does seems to be some kind of bug there though, as I'd already restarted my tablet and reinstalling the app before trying the above.

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