Real-time MIDI Keyboard Input

• Jun 11, 2020 - 03:59

I want to play a regular piece on my MIDI keyboard normally and would want Musescore to convert it to sheet music. The input modes seem to be very inefficient as it looks like I have to use a computer keyboard or a mouse to change the pitch/duration to get the desired notes. Like in Scorecloud, I could record a piece and the software instantly converts it to sheet music. Is there a way to do something similar?

I have been referring to this:
However, it didn't really help much though.


What went wrong when you followed the steps there?

Not sure what you mean about the regular input modes being inefficient, they are actually rather faster than trying to play in real time in many cases. But you do have to learn the commands to get good at it.

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Yes, although you have to keep in mind that MuseScore won't try to guess which hand plays which notes or anything like that - you still have to enter the notes a staff at a time. Well, you can play them all onto one staff then try to use the automatic split function, but it's not as smart as you would be if you played the hands separately. And you have to play the rhythms very precisely, etc. All the things it describes on that page. But again, yes, it works as described, no need to press any keys on the computer.

Also, no need to press any keys on the computer even when using traditional step time input - you can program MIDI keys to select durations, etc.

So again, after you try following the steps, if you have problems, please tell us at exactly which step you are having trouble, and we can assist further.

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I don't really understand the question - you are asking about programmability features of your keyboard, like maybe to get it to provide automatic accompaniment? That would be a question to ask the keyboard manufacturer; it doesn't really relate to MuseScore. or maybe you mean something else?

As for particular keyboards, it shouldn't matter, all transmit the same basic MIDI information and are perfectly capable of entering notes into MuseScore one at a timer, almost as quickly as typing them :-)

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I think I have the same question the OP had...I am using RealTime Auto and playing one finger melody on my midi keyboard. However, the score only shows quarter and half notes. Any shorter notes are omitted. With my old Music Time software, I could set a quantization value (1/8 notes for example) and the transcribed score would show the duration of all notes to the nearest 1/8. I would have to clean up some duration's but no notes were omitted. I just want to capture every note played at some approximate duration. I don't want to play in slow motion.

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