Changing Style Suddenly Messes with Verse Formatting

• Jun 9, 2020 - 06:29
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S3 - Major
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Windows 7, i5, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD

1st issue
- Created score with unmetered verses.
- Attempted to change Format > Style > System > Brace thickness
- Suddenly first system of verses/notes/chord are almost all significantly indented!

1st issue, 2nd time
- Created new score with unmetered verses with same name + v2 (replicated the first one).
- Closed first screwed up score.
- Save as overwriting first screwed up score.
- Attempted to change Format > Style > Score > Autoplace > Min. vertical distance
- Suddenly first system of verses/notes/chord are almost all significantly indented!

2nd issue
- Problem has replicated to the second (v2) score that wasn't even open.
- Closed without saving. Rebooted the program. Issue remains.
- Rebooted computer. Issue remains.

I am decent at this program, but this whole process has taken me a couple hours, and is INCREDIBLY frustrating.

I love your product, and I am super excited that you added support for lining up verse numbers. Thank you for this program and your help!

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Psalm 16 ... - Screwed up 2nd system
Psalm 16 ... v2 - Unopened file that was screwed up when not open
Psalm 16 ... v3 - Not technically correct 2nd system, but it looks mostly like it should
Psalm 16.pdf - Document I was replicating/adapting


Status active needs info

Can you post a score in the state just before the problem occurs and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem?

I don't offhand notice a problem in the first of the scores you posted. Yes, the second system looks odd, but that's because there is a very long lyric consisting of mostly dashes centered on the first note. Set it to left alignment like the one on verse 4 and all is normal.

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I missed the lyric that went from left alignment to center. Thank you for seeing what I did not. I played with the file, and was not able to reproduce it once I fixed that line (which was left aligned before I made the changes described in my post). I think I would have to create it from scratch to reproduce the problem again. So my question is, would it be helpful?

Hard to say. Right now the most likely explanation to me is you simply accidentally clicked the alignment button, and that's the entire issue right there. But I wasn;t there, and I don't really understand the rest of your original issue description. if you still think there is some kind of issue, yes, we'd need a score that doesn't show the issue and then precise steps to reproduce the issue. But I would be inclined to say, don't spend time on that unless you are really sure there is a problem, like if it ever happens again.