To create a rallentando

• Jun 7, 2020 - 23:45

To create a rallentando

I achieved this by accident, but it really does work!

Click on the first note of - say - the fourth bar from the end of the musical piece that you are composing.
Click on VIEW, at the top left of your screen
Click on MASTER PALLETTE - (which is the third option down that list)
Click on TEMPO - (halfway down the list of options)
Double Click on the option that shows a crochet = 80
That sign will then appear above the bar chosen.
Repeat this procedure by clicking the first note in the next bar, reducing the number to - say crochet = 70
Repeat this, reducing the tempo for each of the chosen last four bars of the composition, so that the tempo will effectively be reduced from 80 to - say - 50.
Save the end product.
This procedure sounds complicated, but it will actually achieve a rallentando, as required.


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