Drum Notation seems to be buggy

• Jun 5, 2020 - 17:43

It is my impression that input for drum notation is seriously buggy. Possibly I am doing something wrong but if that is the case then there are some important steps missing in the manual which I have read carefully. Before I get into the details of all that was going wrong trying to input a multi bar drum groove by Mike Clark I would like to know from somebody who is better informed than me: does drum input in Musescore 3 work as it is supposed to or are there bugs to be ironed out? Depending on the answer this could be a bug report or a help request.


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Problem desciption:
1. On the first sixteenth note (Hihat) in bar one I would get repeatedly some other sound on another staffline even though I was hitting the correct shortcut.
2. Using the shift key for adding notes to an existing notes didn't work properly. Often (not always) the existing note would disappear.

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Absolutely, I am aware of that, and I also succeeded in getting some notes right, when everything was working as expected. But often it doesn't.
Another example: In bar two I selected a sixteenth-note, entered notation mode, opened the piano window, clicked on C2, which is supposed to play the kick drum (which it does, when it is not in notation mode) and I get as a result the snare drum. As a matter of fact, any note I click now gives me a snare hit. On the piano keyboard the note D2 is permanently selected. That can't be right, can it?

I don't see any attached score here? If you attach one and give precise steps to reproduce the problem, we can investigate. But to answer your basic question: drum input does generally work as it is supposed to, I've entered probably millions of notes at this point with no problems.

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I recorded a short video which I am unable to attach (15 MB) in which I show a problematic behaviour of drum input. I wanted to input a bass drum on the 10th sixteenth note in a bar and Musescore puts that bass drum on beat one of the bar with voice 2. That is not what I wanted. Is there anything that I am missing?
You can download the video under: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pc2iirqv68k1ieu/IMG_0201.mp4?dl=0

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It’s really hard to debug problems from just a video - it’s much better to attach the actual score give us precise steps to follow

But in this case it’s clear enough - bass drum is normally notated in voice 2, so you’d need to enter enough leading rests to get you there. Although your score seems to show bass drums already entered in voice 1 for some reason, you probably want to fix that. Or if you prefer the less common style of notation that puts bass drum in voice 1, you should edit the drum definition.

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