Feature Request: Manipulating Playback Repeats

• Jun 3, 2020 - 13:24

I have come up against the need for a way to manipulate the playback number of repeats. It would be helpful to be able to do so from an "editable timeline" of repeats.

For instance: In this score -
I was limited by the Volta repeats properties (Inspector → Volta → Repeats
I tried playing around with the volta properties (Element Inspector → Volta → Repeat List: 1,3 or 2,4,5).
The playback kept missing bars 17-20 when they occur the second time of the piece (after the first ending on bar 40).

A cool tool to do this would be some kind of editable timeline specifically for repeats, where you can create a manual repeat pointer and chronology - that will not show up in print. Meaning, without using symbols and "DS al coda" etc. that make the notes more complicated.

Thanks =)

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Just set the repeat list property of those volta's accordingly and don't forget to update the play count of the measure with the end repeat bar (this is the not so user friendly part most people miss at first).
Then all works out just as it should, see attached.

I'm all for making this a bit more intuitive, being able to specify jumps and/or repeats without corresponding markers in the score seems like an extremely bad idea. How do you expect musicians to play the score correctly if they're not giving the instructions to do so?

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Thanks! You are a magician.
The exact same volta repeat settings refused to work for me. I tried "1,3" and also "1, 3" (with a space); I also tried treating every ending as it's own set of repeats (how many times that specific ending will occcur) which of course did not work.
I am grateful knowing it should work.

****Update: what had happened is, one ending moved from its place so it was hidden (see thread: https://musescore.org/en/comment/1006384#comment-1006384).
This is what interfered with playback.

***Also: each bar ending with repeat needed to be changed too:
right click on bar → bar properties → Play Count: 3 (instead of 2, which is the actual number of times it is played).
This is probably the most confusing issue.

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You have a volta 1,3 and another 2,4,5, so you want the repeat to play 5 times, not 3.
Yes, this is even more confusing ;-)

MuseScore should better only use the voltas' repeat lists (and even those could just follow the volta text by default), if there are voltas, and only in absence of voltas use that play count, as sort of a fallback. Also that play count would much better be a property of the end repeat barline rather than the measure...

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I think it is confusing that the play count is set on a bar that you may not want to repeat that many times, because it is only part of one ending. I may be totally wrong here, but wouldn't it be best to have the play count be a property of the start repeat barline instead? The end repeat barline is still only part of one ending. The start repeat barline is part of the whole section that you want to repeat a certain number of times.

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The play count of the bar with the end repeat barline must be set one higher than the number of times that bar is played.

Take the following score:
|: m1 | m2 | [volta 1,3,4] m3 | m4 :| [volta 2,5] m5 | m6 :| [volta 6] m7 | m8 | m9 ||
m4 should have play count = 4
m6 should have play count = 3

It's indeed confusing :)

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