When playing move the score instead of the bar using the continuous view

• Jun 2, 2020 - 16:10

When playing move the score instead of the bar using the continuous view

I am not sure whether such a proposal already exists.

Current situation: When playing a score, Musescore moves the vertical bar across the screen. At the end of the line, the entire score is moved. The last bar is then at the beginning of the current line.

Problems: The movement of the eyes from the end of the line back to the beginning may be too long. Especially because the change can also take place within a bar.

Suggestion: the vertical bar should remain in the middle of the screen as soon as it has reached this position. From there the score should be moved, not the bar. At the end of the score, the bar can be moved again.

Together with the (virtual or temporary) "Repeat unroll" option, this can improve the visualization while playing.


Thx for your quick answer. That is exactly what i want to have.

i found the "smoots-"options in the advanced option panel and it works, but:
1) now i can see two vertical bars on the screen during playing. a green and a grey one. The grey one seems to be the one which corresponds with the actual played note. But what is the green one? it appears sometimes after the grey, sometimes in front of the grey one.
2) It seems to be that with repeats there is no repositioning active to the beginning of the repeat .

Is there a documentation available for the "smoot"-Options?
tia for you answer.

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1) uncheck smoothPan/cursor/visible to hide the green one. The green one is the reference point for the scroll speed. If the blue/grey one goes too far away from the green one, the scroll speed is adjusted to try and match the real playback speed.

2) I've noticed the same (hadn't tried it up until now). Reported in #306234: smoothPan ignores repeats

There is no documentation for smoothPan yet afaik. The handbook will likely only start being updated once we've moved on to Beta.

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