Bending down without going up

• Jun 2, 2020 - 04:55

I'm trying to see if I can use the bend tool to create a fall-off after a note. Using the bend tool (the grid-thing) I can't get it to go down from the given starting pitch, I can only make it go down after going up first. In other words, if I'm understanding this correctly, if the starting note is fixed at point (0,0) and there are no negative x values, then is it impossible to bend beneath the starting pitch? I could've sworn I had seen someone use the bend tool to make a fall off, but I may be misremembering, as it seems like it's outside of the scope of the tool. Thanks!


Not, the bend tool is specific for guitar and is meant for the type of bend produced by pulling a string, which indeed only goes up. There is the tremolo bar tool, maybe that's what you are thinking of, or just the plain falls and doits and so forth on the palette.

There are some possible dirty tricks.

  1. Notate the note as the lower end note and apply the bend for correct playback. Then use the "fix to line" option on the note to show it on a the higher position.
    Upside: Less changes to the score
    Downside: Notation is incorrect as the note is notated at the wrong pitch. Exporting to other formats could cause confusion there.

  2. Notate the correct note, but make them silent (uncheck "play"). Use an additional note in a free voice at the end pitch to apply the bend to. Make that note invisible.
    Upside: Easier to filter out the wrong note in other file formats as it is in a separate voice/track
    Downside: A bit more work.

Example: end measure of

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