How to dock Palettes

• May 31, 2020 - 05:02

Hi, I'm new to Musescore 3 (I'd been using 2 for a very long time and finally made the switch) and wanted to ask how to dock the palette in 3? Is it something you can do? You could do it in 2, and if you can't do it in 3 I might switch back.


The Palettes panel is docked by default. If it's been undocked and you want to dock it again, either double-click its caption or drag it by the caption to the left or right edge of the MuseScore window.

And to be clear, this has not changed between 2 & 3 - both start out docked by default, both allow undocking if you want, both allow redocking the same way. Actually I think 3 may have added some new capabilities there.

I think something has changed, and it might be a Wayland/Fedora 30 type issue. My palettes are also undocked, and double clicking on the captions does not redock them.

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OK, so, I "killed" MuseScore, re-opened it, and the palette panel was re-docked. The thought behind "killing" it was in case MuseScore, upon exiting, "smartly" records the fact that the panel was undocked the last time it was open--I didn't want that. I want the palette to be docked. It worked!

But I still think this could be something with Wayland.

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