installing Musescore 3 beta and 3.2.9 together

• May 29, 2020 - 13:04

Hello im running 3.2.9 it has some weird going ons regarding audio out selecting wdm wasapi etc blah
got it working.

I used Musecore 2 i loved that then they changed look, too cluttered for me MMV
i had no audio issues, the problem all my musecore compostions 100+ needed reseting if played in Version 3XXXX.

Question can i run Musecore beta 3 alongside my current installation 3.2.9 to test out.

also the new version 3.2.9 balks or has delay before start ( after clicking play) it seems to glitch

The lap is new Windows 10 AMD ryzen 7 20gb ram so plenty power.

before i ran Musecore 2 on Win 7 ultimate 4gb ram was ok.

not moaning i think Windows 10 audio drivers & Realtech audio buggy-ish

hope this does not seem like a moan, its not, extremely grateful, for what is an incredible program


The Beta should behave more or less like a Nightly, so it should not overwrite 3.4.2. Wait for confirmation from other contributors if you have any doubts.

I'm completely confused by your use of version numbers.
There is no 3.2.9, there is the current stable version 3.4.2

There is also no beta (yet, it is coming); but there is the 3.5alpha release. It'll install side-by-side to the stable version, but it will share the same settings files.
Nightlies otoh use a separate set of settings files as well.

Also, not sure what you're seeing as being "cluttered" about MuseScore 3, it has almost the exact same arrangement of palettes and toolbars. But it's easy enough to customize either - much easier in MuseScore 3 than in 2, actually. For the palettes in MuseScore, you can select a palette or individual icon and press Delete. For the toolbars, see View / Toolbars.

Also, not sure what you mean about audio issues and needing resetting. Can you attach a specific score you are having problems with and describe the problem in more detail? Audio works exactly the same way in both versions, except that MuseScoere 3 is able to use your 64-bit drivers whereas MuseScore 2 is limited to 32.

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Hello sorry i got all the versions in correct stupid me,

MuseScore-2.3.2 i had on Win7 Ultimate 64b ran great but only 4 Gb ram

I tried MuseScore-3.0.0-Beta cant remember what now?

as i had re-installed maybe 10=12 times, fiddling etc

My current Musecore 3.4.2. 9788 on a new laptop Win 10 Pro 64b, 20 gb ram,
it runs fine, but the audio issues ( it works but picky in terms of whether you select NME, Windows Directsound,
Windows WDM-KS, Windows Wasapi, ASIO
It could be Realtech drivers, i bacillary go from Laptop out thro USB to Cyrus Soundkey, into Hi-Fi.

Let me be clear Musescore is absolutely brilliant full stop.
i dont like the new mixer, layout and cant seem to customise it, i normally run at least 4 tracks often 25ish, just different parts.

I have played with different soundfonts, mainly piano & Jazz guitar sound, few Saxes, oboes etc.

My question is can i run Beta 3 alongside Musescore 3.4.2 my current withoiut disturbing ie a separate install.

I know i can do this with Musecore 2.3.2 and Musescore 3 together as separate installs.

Then i can compare Beta with current, the problem is re-installing and getting all the custom sound fonts back, because things sound very different without same soundfont banks installed/imported in the same order it throws the instrumentation out, its a fairly amount of work. I am really an Unknown composer. Into Zappa and Parker, Powell, Miles. etc blah.

Again thanks all for the supreme effort.

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ps when opening Musescore or say a new piece composition, from the time you hit play button, to start playback, there is i can only describe as Jet lag and stuttering for about a second or two, and fuzzy sound,
i really cant describe it, then it settles and plays fine. 20gb ram fairly fast AMD Ryzon 7 CPU.

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oh boy that was quick, i am unclear, not thinking straight bloody chest pains............ mind not processing correctly,

what happens if i install the new 3.5 will it create new install and leave current 3.4 intact.

sorry to be such a pain, i did not even check their was a new version, yes updates on EVERYTHING off, especially Windows.

Bye .....................thanks

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thanks, i installed 3.5 yes it kept the settings, i played with it all day runs fine,
uninstalled 3.4 etc,

3.5 has the same issue in after a track, piece etc is loaded, when you start to play it only kicks in after about 2-3 secs sort of stuttering.

also there is some slight glitching when listening to a exported wave file of the piece,
it is fairly hard to hear, and is brief, i have a feeling its cause by Musescore, trying to play
music that is simultaneously ending before the bar and coping with with bars lines going across ie tied
i am guessing here as to the cause.

i cant put my finger on it but 3.5 feels good more responsive, could be i am more familar. to both new laptop and 3.4 - 3.5 now.

i notice the change now able to import 1024 ths

how does one make this appear on bar next to 1/4 1/8 1/16s etc

I work with a lot of midi especially swing and bebop, so the piano playing the chords is playing not on the beats
as it were, so this handy i have not tried importing midi yet,

it seems you cant insert a 128th note there is no symbol for it.

none of this a moan at all kind regards Kenneth

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That delat can get avouded by loading an SF2 soundfont rather thgan an SF3 one, the latter needs to get decompresses and that is down in background.
Yes, 1024th notes are new in 3.5, and you can add them to a custom workspace's note input toolbar
Same for 128th (and 256th and 512th)

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Hi Jojo thanks again,

in my C:\Program Files\MUSESCORE3.5\sound

i have default midi MuseScore_General.sf3
and two other jAzZgUiTaRL-5v21.sf2 and Nice-Steinways-Compact-JNv1.5.sf2

are you saying if i change the midi .sf3 to a. midi .sf2 it will be better,
have i got this correct,

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