Add “pause” between movements when previous mov contains D.S./Fine

• May 26, 2020 - 23:49

Originally posted in Japanese forum.

Let’s say the composition contains multiple movements and previous movement contains D.S. al Fine /Fine.
And he wants to have a pause (few seconds) in between the movements.

In order to achieve this, (please see attached score)
>Add section break (set pause length, 0.00s in inspector) at the end of 1st movement (measure 12).
(otherwise playback stops at measure 8, Fine)

>Add section break (set pause length, let’s say 4.00s in inspector) at the measure 8 Fine in order to have a pause before next movement starts.

Problem ;
Section break at measure 8 also “pause 4 seconds” when playback come across first time to measure 8.
He wants to apply the pause there only when 1st movement finished.

My proposal;
When a measure contains both section break and Fine,
add a tick option of;
“Enable this section break only when Fine is used” under section break inspector.

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