hidden dynamics

• May 26, 2020 - 21:46

At a certain measure, the sound during playback drops like there's a dynamic there, but I can't find it. It must be hidden. How do I find it so I can delete it?


Rather than being hidden, it may have been moved. You can return it to its "normal" place by selecting all and hitting CTRL+R. That returns everything to its default position. You should then see the culprit under the note it is affecting.

Instead of random guessing, you could share the score so we can inspect what is going on.

You should also verify that the notes don't have any explicit velocity offset/user values set

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Yes, apparently the switch voices trick didn't fix the corruption as I thought it would. (To be fair, the corruption was there in your v35 already).
I do wonder how you tried to fix that corruption and maybe we can then understand how you got a knock-on effect. If I simply removed the contents of the bottom of m21 and rewrote it, all is fine now.

See https://musescore.org/en/node/54721 on different ways of fixing corruptions.

You might not be aware, but MuseScore has a special text type for chord symbols; so you don't have to abuse lyrics for such a thing. (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/chord-symbols) One of the advantages is that if entered correctly, those will transpose along with your melody when transposing.
I've applied those to the bottom staff and then removed the lyrics there.

Similar issue is the abuse of lyrics for the note indications (staff text would be appropriate instead) or the song structure information. For the latter, you could again use staff text, or perhaps better suited is a rehearsal mark.

I've applied these changes to the v36 file, which should behave correctly now.

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Wow, this is great!

(I don't understand from where the corruption came; I've opened various versions of this scores of times, and never had a corruption notice before. Anywaaaay...)

Thanks for the prompt and well-presented help. You folks at Musescore are fantastic.

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So now I'm trying out the chord symbols. I'm surprised I need to input the name of the note after I hit ctrl K. Why doesn't the program write the note automatically when I touch on a note and hit ctrl K? (The program knows the note in question.) If I want something else written there, I could edit it. Wouldn't that be helpful?

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Because that note doesn't necessarily has got to do anything with the chord symbol you want, it is just one note from a chord after all, so only like a 33% change that it is the one naming the chord (if that is a triad)
So no, this wouldn't be helpful, as it would be wrong far more often than right

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As you can see, for the top staff I've indeed used staff text for those note names rather than chord symbols. Those again don't transpose, but as what you're writing aren't chord symbols there...

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