Musescore didn't start

• May 26, 2020 - 10:52

Today I wasted an hour trying to start Musescore. It never showed any signs that it is doing something. Only Task Manager showed that Musescore was desperately doing something consuming 20% of CPU with power usage trend in the bloody red zone. After 10 min I had to kill it. I restarted it several times with the same result. Only after computer restarting Musescore was able to work. I remember it already happened once, so, this time I report it just to see if you are going to blame some mythical community member, who requested this behavior.
BTW, I noticed that Musescore showed on the toolbar an icon with ASIO text. I didn't use ASIO for a long time, so I don't know why Musescore decided to play with it. Yesterday it worked OK, just crashed timidly when I tried to open some files created in Musescore 2. (I think I reported it already, but apparently you decided to keep this bug).


I have it happening that starting MuseScore doesn't work, and then looking in task manager I see one is already running. Killing that and starting works again.
I guess that other one was a leftover from a previous run that wasn't properly ended for some strange reason

MuseScore 2 is no longer developed, so its bug will not get fixed, unless thy exist in the latest version (or MuseScore 3) too.
I'm not aware of any changes in MuseScore in regards to ASIO.
Maybe a reverting to factory settings could help.

I don't see a report of yours reg. crashes when opening 2.x scores with 3.x

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