Bug when tying certain notes

• May 26, 2020 - 02:44

I've come across this a few times recently. It seems to be a bug, but maybe there's something I'm not doing quite right.

I entered these notes as shown in the "before" screenshot, then used the left arrow key to go back to the 16th note that needed to be tied to the 8th note in the following beat. When I clicked the + key, the 8th note changed to a 16th note and an additional 16th note of the same pitch was added right after it.

I've encountered this in other contexts as well, not only when tying 16th notes to 8th notes. Looking to see if there's something I need to do differently or if this is a bug.



To answer the more general question of what you need to be doing differently - for ties, you should not normally enter both notes first then go back and add the tie. The tie command is designed to add the second note you. So you enter it right away: 3 E 4 +, for example, to enter a sixteenth E tied to an eighth.

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