How to compress final bar?

• May 25, 2020 - 17:47

I have compressed the score of my cello suite with Alt Gr + 7. However, the final bar always stays so long.

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It might be prettier if you add a system break a few bars back from the end of the penultimate line to force a few more bars onto the last line (thus compressing that final bar) and then do the same thing for some of the earlier lines to get a reasonable distribution of bars in each line. That way the last line will be the same full width as all the others rather than being short. It may take a few trials and errors to get the system breaks in the best places but that is often how much of the finer detail of score layout has to be done. If you need further assistance, attach the score.

The above two suggestions are good, but for the record, MuseScore always stretches the last system to the margin if its width unstretched exceeds the "Last system fill threshold" in Format / Style / Page. So simply raise that threshold to 100% to have the last system never stretch. You may decide you don't like the looks so much, though - other systems are normally stretched to some extent. So the other approaches mentioned here are normally better.

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