How to email a MuseScore song to a friend who already has MuseScore?

• May 25, 2020 - 16:42

I find the manual very complicated. Is there someone out there who would explain - step by step - how to send a song by email? My geriatric codgery gets the better of me when faced with the manual!


That is nothing MuseScoreor its manual is concerned with, but the manual of your Operating System or EMail program: You'd just attach the score file to the email.


1) Start writing an email message in your favorite email program
2) Click attachment button or however it does attachments
3) Select the file you want to attach (same instructions whether it is a MuseScore file or any other type)

When I click on the attachment button, it takes me to the finder, and if I click on Musescore, it wants to attache the whole app. How do I export Musescore to someplace where they are readily retrievable, or alternately, how do I get to just the files in the Musescore Scores folder?

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