custom SVGs disappear when reopening a file

• May 25, 2020 - 16:25

Hello Forum,

yesterday I prepared a file with some oboe multiphonics with their pitches. I created all the fingering for them in inkscape and had a beautiful musescore3 file. Today I opened the file and only one of those SVG images is visible, all others have disappeared. I have tried also creating a palette and saving the images there, but every time I open the file the SVG images disappear. I am very surprised with this and frustrated as there are no warnings or error messages of any sort.

whats going on??

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Did you by any chance attach them to the measure itself? There was a bug that is now fixed for the upcoming 3.5 release: #292606: image attached to a measure doesn't show

Feel free to test out the alpha release to verify the fix.
If you prefer to stay on the current stable version, then the workaround is to attach the images to a chord/rest within the score instead of to the measure itself.

Maybe you've added the other to measures, not to a note or rest. It's a bug in the actual release, but if I'm not wrong will be fixed in the next version.

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