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• May 25, 2020 - 03:34

I'm trying to change an instrument name in my score and add a special character to it. (Ex: Bass Clarinet --> B flat Bass Clarinet) However all methods of getting special characters into text (F2, keyboard shortcuts,) don't seem to work while in the staff/part properties menu, where I can rename the staff. Is there another way to achieve this that I'm not aware of? Thanks!


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I just realized my original wording was unclear--my apologies. The instrument is currently bass clarinet. However, when you add a bass clarinet to a score, musescore automatically puts the part in as being named "Bass Clarinet". I want to rename the stave so that it appears in the score as "B♭ Bass Clarinet". Sorry if that was unclear.

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I saw that, but it's in bass clef, and the bass clarinet is usually read in treble. (ie, the bass clef one is atypical) And the bass clarinet thing is just an example--In most concert band scores that I've seen, the score specifies the types of clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, and horns. Musescore has most of what I need, like Bb Clarinet, Bb Trumpet, and F horn, but Bass Clarinet and saxophones are not listed in Musescore with their transpositions, such as Bb Bass Clarinet, Eb Alto Saxophone, etc...

In the grand scheme of things, this is extremely unimportant--If I were to give this score to someone and tell them to choose the correct real life instruments, I guarantee that they would choose the correct instruments. I just noticed that most "professional scores" I've seen specify these things, so I was trying to replicate it. I was able to do it in Musescore 2, but I haven't had any luck with this in Musescore 3.

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Have you tried copying the flat symbol from somewhere (like here: ♭), and then pasting it into the Staff/Part Properties dialog in MuseScore as I originally suggested?

Edit: I see from your other reply that you have tried that. Could you please post a screen shot of what your score looks like after you paste in the “♭” symbol and click OK?

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I attached two screenshots--the first is what I copied to be pasted (B♭) and the second is what happens when I paste it into the staff/part properties menu (B1).

While I was typing this, I copy and pasted the ♭ from google into Musescore and that seemed to work at first, but then Musescore crashed shortly after. I'll keep trying it and seeing if I can get it to not crash, haha.

FINAL UPDATE/EDIT: I was able to get Musescore to not crash! Thanks to everyone who helped, I appreciate it.

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You could use the existing Bb bass clef version then simply fix the clef and transposition.

However, your screen shot shows you may be trying to copy the "wrong" flat sign. Standards being what they are, there are several different flat signs floating around, and the one you are using apparently doesn't work in the font you are using. When entering text, use Ctrl+Shift+b to enter the "right" flat sign. Or use the Special Characters dialog and try both of the different flat signs you see there.

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