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• May 23, 2020 - 20:43

I'm in the United States.
We do not use A4 paper. We use Letter/ANSI A.
Musescore defaults to A4 and I have to change it for each score I produce.
Is there anyway for me, as a user, to reset defaults for these basic features so that each time I open Musescore I don't have to take these extra steps to adjust paper size?!?!


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Here are a few more specifics on my situation. I assemble my compositions into a single PDF binder of PDF scores using Acrobat. After composing a tune in Reason or Digital Performer, I save each composition as a MIDI file and then open the MIDI file in Musescore. No matter what I try, after I open a MIDI file in MuseScore and make my fixes, MuseScore exports a PDF with an A4 default page size. Even when I use the print to PDF function, the outcome is the same (see attached file). No matter what I do, I have to manually load style or change page size to get it into the US Letter/ANSI A page size. Now, granted, the "apply style" option is not a huge burden, except when I forget to do so. The resultant binders are inconsistent and print funny when I try to get a hard copy. If I could simply set the default page size, that would eliminate one or more steps in the work flow, steps that should be unnecessary. If I have to do so, I will continue with the load style or whatever,, but it should be a small enhancement to allow a user to set page size and have that change be a default option for all further documents a user produces.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. Nothing works.

I have tried setting the default paper size for your default printer, which is consistently set to US Letter, and I have tried setting the default style file in Preferences | Score. I have also saved a USLetter style in the proper folder using MuseScore (which I can apply).

No matter what I do, when I open a MIDI file, it always opens in A4 with millimeter settings rather than Letter/ANSI A in inches. I have to load style every time.

So, if you're listening, whoever contributes to the development of this code, this is just a small request that users be able to set defaults on page features. Thanks!

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The issue at hand is specifically for imported scores only, for which the problem currently exists on all platforms. It's caused by MuseScore failing to apply the printer's default page size to imported scores.

It's only tangentially related to the Linux-specific problem, which affects all newly created scores (not just imported ones).

I just discovered Edit -> Preferences -> Score -> Style (and Style for Part), which allows specifying a default style file.
(FIrst I had to create a style, which was easily done by getting the style right on a random score and doing Format -> Save Style).
To my surprise, the page size is saved as part of the style.
The really ODD thing is that page size is NOT settable in Format ->Style-> Page !
(instead it is in Format -> Page Settings... which naively lead me to think that page size was not part of "style").

For some future version, it sure would be nice if Format->Page Settings was part of Format ->Style->Page ...
(or are there some parameters in Page Settings that are not part of "style", not saved in a "style file".

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For the record, yes, internally, page settings are part of style, but conceptually, they aren't, and often you might want to reset one to defaults but not the other etc. So that's the main reason they are separately in the menus. But yes, we're looking at ways of clarifying this in the future.

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