Connection between Linux Mint and keyboard

• May 19, 2020 - 19:44

How do I get Musescore 3 to recognise the piano keyboard? I'm using midi to USB cable unless there's a simpler way. The piano keyboard has a USB socket.


It should recognize automatically if you connect and turn on the keyboard before starting MuseScore. If not, try going to Edit / Preferences / I/O and be sure it is selected where needed..

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Thanks for your reply to my query :)

I can connect the piano keyboard to the laptop easily enough on Musescore 2. There's an ALSA audio function to select. The ALSA audio function isn't present in Musescore 3.4.2, even though that version of Musescore is the version included in the software repository for the latest version of Linux Mint Mate 19.3

Is there any chance that the ALSA audio codec will be available for Musescore 3 on Linux soon? If I choose Port audio on the I/O preferences, I still can't get Musescore 3 to recognise the piano keyboard using a midi-USB interface cable, although there is reference there to ALSA.

Is there another way to connect the keyboard to the laptop? On another piano keyboard I could connect to the
laptop using the piano keyboard's USB output. That was using Musescore 2 as I recall.

Thank you :)

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Have you tried the AppImage build we provide? That’s really the only “supported” way (not that we can’t try to help with other builds). But the version provided by distribution repositories are notoriously unreliable. They often don’t build with the recommended flags, libraries, etc.

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Hi Marc, thanks for your reply. I've downloaded and installed the AppImage for Musescore 3.4.2 and that works fine on my newer laptop which has the necessary power and general oomph to run it. The ALSA-audio option is there and works well with my piano keyboard.

My older laptop - HP EliteBook with an Intel i5 core - isn't happy with Musescore 3. I think it's just too much for an ageing processor. I've looked at options to install a stable version of Musescore 2 on this machine, but can't really find a satisfactory way to do this. Not sure whether it's worth it, but If there is a way to install Musescore 2, I'd be grateful to hear about it.

Many thanks for all your invaluable help!

Bill :)

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MuseScore 2 is more, not less, demanding of resources, particularly CPU but also RAM. So if resources are the limiter, that wouldn’t help anyhow. I run MuseScore 3 on some extremely low-powered devices (eg, Chromebooks with M-series processors or less) and it runs beautifully. Have you tried the AppImage on this machine? What goes wrong if so?

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I've tried the AppImage on this older machine and I can download it, authorise on the terminal page to launch it, but when I then double click on the AppImage to open it, the first window that opens is to ask whether I'm happy for Musescore to receive anonymous data from crashes etc. I click on yes and nothing else happens in spite of waiting for a considerable time. It just freezes on that window.

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Could be that your display configuration is a bit off and the dialog isn't understand you clicked the Yes - the happens on some Linux systems with this particular dialog for some reason. Solution is to simply press Esc to close the dialog (that's the same as saying No), or press Tab until the Yes button highlights, then press Enter.

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Hit the key.
There seems to be an issue with some window managers on linux that displace that dialog visually, but keeps the interaction regions at their correct positions.

Pressing Escape will act as if you've chosen to not agree to telemetry. If you still wish to opt in, you can change that in the advances preferences afterwards.

Hello, Bill,
but it is strange that it worked in MS2 and not in MS3 for you. I also use Linux Mint 19.3 with MS 3.5 Alpha and as you can see in the attached picture, I can even select ALSA twice: once at "Port Audio" and below as a separate entry. (It was possible at MS 3.4.2 too)
Have you ever tried to reset MuseScore to factory defaults?

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Hi, thanks for your message.

I've managed to install Musescore 3.4.2 using the AppImage, and that seems to work fine with my piano keyboards. The ALSA-audio option is there and works well.

When I first installed Musescore 3 from the Linux Mint 19.3 repository, the ALSA-audio option wasn't there, but I understand from Marc Sabatella that the repository versions of software are often lacking compared with the AppImage versions.

So, all works well on my newer laptop.

However, my older laptop with an Intel i5 core processor isn't at all happy with the non-repository version of Musescore 3. I can load and run it from the repository, but without the ALSA-audio option, and therefore linking the laptop to my piano keyboard is a problem.

You say that you can still use ALSA through the Port-audio option. How do I do that? That may be the only way for this creaking machine!

Thank you for all your help :)


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