Creating very small space after barline

• May 19, 2020 - 15:51

I want to reproduce what is shown in the attached screen shot. Is there a way to create a very small space after final barline to provide room for the repeat dots after? I tried putting an extra measure at the end, making it as small as possible (one 8th rest), with the rest and final barline invisible, but it's still too wide.

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I tried that already, but experimented more after seeing your reply (thanks!). It turns out that the trick is to select both the top and bottom segments of the barline, then change the x-offset. I tried selecting the top half, changing the offset (good), but then when I adjusted the bottom it put everything back at the very end of the stave.

Note, though, that this is considered incorrect by modern standards. Ubnless you have a specific reason to need to reproduce the details of a historic edition best to not mess with the default, which is correct according to modern standards: no dots to the right of a repeat barline at the end of the system, only at the start of the next.

However, if I did need to reproduce a historical edition for this, probably instead of adding the dots manually like this, I'd hide the repeat barline completely and add the double-sided version from the Symbols palette. Then maybe add a leading space adjustment, which will apply to all staves at once.

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