Creating / adding non-standard barlines

• May 18, 2020 - 11:25

New user: pse. forgive ignorance . . . How can I add barline that is not shown in the standard palette - nor, apparently, available as a customised barline? E.g., A bold/double barline at the start of a bar where a 'begin repeat' barline is available, but not required.

Also, how to set personalised defaults that apply to current and future files. E.g,, when I always want a text entry (titles, chord symbols . . . ) in a specified font and size. Advice appreciated.


  1. Use the master palette, select 'Symbols' on the left hand side list then type "barline" into the search field.
    The Heavy Double Barline will show up.
    It is just a non-functional graphic though. You can place it over an existing barline by first selecting that barline and turning it invisible; then click the heavy on in the master palette to have it added to the score and change the X and Y offset to overlay it over the regular barline.
    All these changes are made using the inspector (F8)

  2. Set up a score the way you like it and make sure to "set as style" all modifications (again something you can do in the inspector). Then from that score save the style and then in preferences set it as the default style for new scores.
    Be aware that if you start a score from a template, the style settings from that template have precedence; but you can always re-load your style file into that score after creation.

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Tried to follow advice above to insert a heavy double barline (non-repeat) at the start of a line, beginning a new section of tune. Couple of problems:
1. Opened Master Palette as advised, but it doesn't include a Heavy Double Barllne for the START (left-hand end) of a phrase. The only left-hand barline I could see was a 'Begin Repeat'
2. If there were one, I couldn't place it over an existing barline, because there are no existing barlines at the beginning of staves.
I feel I must be missing something. Advice welcome.

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