Keyboard entry inserts in relation to last note entered

• Oct 10, 2009 - 16:50
S4 - Minor

When inserting with the keyboard, new notes that are inserted by proximity (as in "after pressing C, D inserts as a second instead of a seventh") are based on the proximity of the last note pressed, not the last note entered.

1. Create a blank piano score
2. Insert a C below the treble clef staff with the mouse
3. Hit Ctrl+up twice to move it up two octaves
4. Hit the E key

Instead of inserting the note a third above the high C, it is inserted on the bottom line of the treble clef staff. The same thing happens when inserting chords, which is perhaps more severe.

I am assuming this is linked to the following bug:
1. Create a blank piano score
2. Enter Note edit mode
3. Insert a whole note C below the bass clef staff
4. Exit note edit mode
5. Click on one of the whole rests in the treble clef staff
6. Enter note edit mode
7. Insert a D

Instead of inserting in some reasonable place within the staff, it inserts it far below the staff.

I believe this is a regression from .95.


I've been encountering this bug in keyboard note entry. In piano score, if I insert a B above middle C in treble staff, then move the mouse down to bass staff and type C, it inserts C above middle C, but written as though it were played from the bass staff. It seems the 'most recent note' relationship protocol applies regardless of where the mouse cursor is located.

Now Musescore will check the first chord before the insert point on the same voice, or the first clef on the same staff before the insert point, whichever comes first. If it's a chord it will take the bottom note as a reference. If it's a clef, it will try to make keep the note in the staff.

And another 4 years old bug squashed!

Wonderful! I haven't played with it enough to see how all the corner cases might play out, but at first glance, this will be most welcome. Biggest use case for me: a score for instruments of very different ranges - say, flute and tuba. Now I can switch back and forth between working on the flute and tuba staves without going batty.