Unable to adjust vertical lyric offset

• May 17, 2020 - 17:22

The lyric feature is really buggy....

In the first photo I've attached, the vertical offset in both measures are set to 0.00sp, yet they are still a 1/4 inch apart from each other in height. If I toggle the one on the right to not be inside the other staff, the situation in the second photo occurs.

Manually adjusting troublesome elements doesn't fix the issue at all. It simply causes other elements to adjust relative to the element being changed, without affecting their own values, as pictured in the third photo. The element selected had their offset changed from 0.00sp to -0.50sp and the discrepency in height remains essentially the same, making it even harder to predict their behavior when modified.

Individual parts don't appear to have this bug, only the conductor's score.

Is there some other way for me to ensure that all lyrics stay at an equal height?

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Please share the actual score, so we can try to understand what is going on.

On "bug3" at least it shows you are working in continuous view, where automatic placement indeed doesn't create extra space between staves at all to minimize the required calculation (after all, your system consists of the full score there).

The advised method is to use a spacer for those staves that require collision avoidance in continuous view.

As mentioned, we'd need the actual score in order to really assist. But based on your description and picture, I think you are probably misunderstanding the purpose of the settings you are making. "Vertical offset" has nothing to do with the height of the lyric or the distance between verses - it is the distance between the lyric (by default, the baseline, since that is the default alignment) and the staff itself. Setting it 0 would almost never be advisable unless the goal is to have the lyric actually on the bottom line of the staff.

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