Lyrics under tied note when second tied note is in another measure

• May 17, 2020 - 10:23

See the attached image.
In the last measure you can see that the word "fields" is written under both tied notes, this looks very nice.
I would like the syllables "Lord" and "Shep" at the end of measures 2 and 3 to also be displayed this way, going under the barline so that the 8th notes can be closer together. This would save space (always one of the main headaches for me when creating lead sheets) and I think it would also look nicer.

The same goes for hypens/dashes. See the second image.

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lyrics under tied note.PNG 14.52 KB
lyrics under tied note2.PNG 13.17 KB


This would be nice indeed, but currently almost everything about layout is processed one measure at a time, so there is no way to do this without fairly major changes to the layout algorithm. Something to consider for MuseScore 4 or later, for sure,. Feel free to submit an official Suggestion for this in the issue tracker.

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