• May 12, 2020 - 02:00

I want to add "divisi' or "div." to a score at those points where instruments in a section are dividing into separate subsections. Text palette would be the logical place to have it; but "div." does not appear there or in other palettes. I assume that I can use Stave Text from the Text palette and change the wording to "div.". However, this is a time-consuming process and, for the sake of efficiency, I would prefer to be able to click "div." out of Text. Anyone with a view about this? Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 11.00.04 am.png


Maybe you can use the voice variations, for example, write the notes of a section with the voice 1, then write the notes of the other section with the voice 2 (the voice 2 has the stems down, so you can use voice 3, that can be added with the configuration)

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