Keyboard shortcut error on Mac OS

• Apr 29, 2020 - 09:32

I cannot use some keyboard shortcuts on my Mac.
Few of them works when I press 'option' key together with existed shortcuts (ex. N (note input) --> 'option' + N),
and other just not working (adding notes with pressing 'shift' + (c, d, e, ...) does not work, in my case.)

I tried 'revert to factory settings', but the problem still exists. it is strange because few days ago it worked properly.


I have the same problem on version MuseScore 3.5. For me, It has to do with Greek language on Mac.
When I run MuseScore using English as input language everything is fine. All shortcuts work perfectly.
If I use Greek language (for title, lyrics etc...) and then switch back to English most shortcuts stop working.
Also if I start MuseScore while having Greek as input language, shortcuts stop working.

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