Transpose Different Pitches To Just One Pitch

• Apr 29, 2020 - 05:01

Is there a hotkey to move a bunch of pitches to just one pitch?

For example... suppose you have one measure of notes in common time... on beat one is a C... on beat two is an E... on beat three is a G... and on beat four is an E...

Now select them all...

IS there a hotkey or a transposition method to get the all on A without messing up the timing?



If it is for a long work there is a way, but it takes time : You can sélect , in your whole work, all the notes with the same pitch, for exemple, the C, and , with arrow, change for the pitch you want. If you do that for all the differents pitches you have (there are 12 pitches ) you change all your work. I use that to transform for a guitar sheet music, after I transform for Dashes. To select, first select the "sector" you want, next right click on the first note , select "more" and you can choose the pitch

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All replies worked. Thank you! :) But I should have added "all at once" to my question.

When I use Re-Pitch, I have to hold the key to the new pitch down, and then just let it play through. This takes awhile if the piece is long.

If I use the selection method, as in reply #1, then the opposite problem is the case. It isn't transposing the pitches, but selecting them before moving them. The transposition is the easier part.

In either case, what Il do is, suppose something like a Beethoven String Quartet, I may want to focus on practicing just the beat, so I'll end up selecting an entire stave of notes (can be very lengthy), and then want to get them onto a basic drum without a bunch of crashes and whistles going off. So, then, I might want one stave just to play "B" for the bass drum, while I may want another stave just to play A for the snare.

There may not be a way to do this "all at once" yet, but please let me know if there is. If not, it may provide an new feature to consider. A similar example exists in Fruity Loops, under what's called the "Limit Tool" in their piano roll, whereby you can set notes just to play within a certain range. So, while one stave might originally cover several octaves, the notes can be "squeezed" into just one octave, or even down to just one pitch.

But, anyway, since Re-Pitch will already change the pitch without effecting the rhythm, the solution would be to simply do a sot of find and replace loop for pitches in a stave. Kind of like "set to Re-Pitch; Select All Notes in Stave; Specify note and run command "XYZ" to quickly run through the staff/score instead of just sitting with your finger on one key for half an hour.

Making sense? Or is there another, faster way?

Thank you for all your help!

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If I understand correctly, you are talking about drum staves specifically? You don't literally want the note A, you want the drum pitch represented by a note on a given staff line? In that case, this is actually simple, just define a drum set that includes that note only. Copy/paste your notes onto that staff and hit either Up or Down, the pitches will then be "transposed" to the next available pitch, which will be the one you defined since it is the only one available.

Beyond that, it should also be pretty simple to write a plugin to do accomplish this.

If you want to actually change the sound, then I think repitch mode (under note input dropdown menu on toolbar) is your best bet. If it's just about making them appear on the same line/space, then see the "Fix to line" settings in the Inspector. Or if it's for slash notation, then just the built-in facility for that under Tools.

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Sounds like your question is different from the one asked here, but we'd need more information to be able to understand and assist better. First, have you read the Handbook section on note input? If you continue to have trouble, please explain what you are trying to do in more detail.

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