Mastering Musescore: Any Additional fees?

• Apr 28, 2020 - 06:41

Hi. I just noticed an offer for Marc Sabatella's online course Mastering Musescore.
The enrollment fee is listed as $25, which seems more than reasonable.
Are there additional fees to come later?
Thanks for any help, Fred


To answer the question: no, there are no additional fees. That's the price of the course. There are other courses there on my site, and you can optionally choose to enroll in those as well. Some are free, some are one-time purchase, some involve subscriptions. But the main Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course is just that one-time purchase, and yes, I think it's more than reasonable as well :-)

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Thanks to all 3 of you. I learned something from each and will certainly try to keep all the fine points in mind in the future. Not that it matters; but I support having structure in the site names, etc. I just didn't know what it was. Also gratified to learn that such a course from such an expert is so economically available. Also grateful for the quick responses! Thanks, Fred

The Mastering Musescore site ( seems pretty clear on 'no additional fees' (beyond what you purchase at checkout), although nice to have it confirmed.

Apropos, I recently did some research for a family member interested in formalizing their understanding of music theory and scoring as part of an effort to improve their less formal performance skills, and thought people in this sort of situation could not go past Mark Sabatella's Mastering Musescore training modules. I thought they're great value compared to other music/scoring training stuff I saw out there.

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Thanks for the kind words!

FWIW, relevant to the original question - since this question was originally asked in 2020, I have added a number of other resources above and beyond just the original Mastering MuseScore course. But that course remains available for a single flat fee - currently $35, but all my courses are on sale this week if you use coupon ANNIVERSARY4, since this is the fourth anniversary of the launch of my site!

For those of you who haven't been keeping up on all the resources I have been creating, I encourage you to feel free to sign up for my free weekly newsletter - . I try to be mindful and not spam this site with tons of info about everything I do outside these forums to help people create their best music, but actually, there is quite a lot to it :-)

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