Any documentation or tutorials for Nektar Impact LX25+?

• Apr 27, 2020 - 06:37

I'm very new to MIDI, and just bought a Nektar Impact LX25+ MIDI keyboard, using it with MuseScore. So far, I like it a lot, and LOVE MuseScore, but I find the documentation for the Nektar keyboard is very much lacking (both in terms of the user guide, and information posted on the web, or lack thereof).

Does anyone have any links to tutorials (written or video) for rank beginners just trying to get familiar with the Nektar Impact LX25+?

I know a little bit about music, but nothing about MIDI, and just want to learn about the very basic MIDI functionality, but even that's been a huge struggle so far.

Many thanks in advance!


I have recently bought a Nektar Impact 25+ to use with MuseScore. Although the MuseScore midi preferences recognizes the keyboard for input, I cannot get anything from it to function in MuseScore or to map any midi controls. Is there something you set up to make the keyboard work?

Thanks very much,

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