Whole bunch of SVG tag types and SVG classes in 2.3.2 SVG exported files

• Apr 26, 2020 - 10:13

Hi men

I'm trying to put together a simple C utility software aimed at optimizing the size of the SVG files exported by MS 2.3.2. I'm "sniffing" how MS 2.3.2 exports its notation items, and by now I found the bunch of classes you can see in the attached .png file. As I would like to make my little program aware of each and every classes that can occur in an MS 2.3.2 SVG file, I need a COMPLETE list of the classes and the tag types MS 2.3.2 uses in its exports. Where can I find it (without having to get the whole project files, that contain a HUGE amount of tangled data)? The best solution would be if one of the developers could provide the two lists here, as a reply to this post.

Even though I'm trying to put my utility program together for personal use, if I succeed, I will share it with whoever could find it useful.

P.S. By editing the SVG files by hand, I discovered that by grouping SVG elements with shared attributes and by applying "use /" tags instead of so many "path d="..."" tags, the file size can be easily reduced from 50% to 75% of the original, with the same graphic result. It's a time wasting and boring process, though, so I would like to automatize it, and I think I can.

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