How long does it take for a new plugin to be approved?

• Apr 23, 2020 - 03:50

Hi, I submitted a new plugin about a month ago to the plugins page at My plugin has not yet appeared in the list, and I haven't received any emails or anything. I know that the Muse team is probably overworked and underpaid (!), but if possible I'd like to know if my submission was received, and about how long it might take to review my submission. Any information you can give is appreciated. The plugin is called ExpandChordSymbols and my name is Mark Shepherd. Thanks!


Thanks for creating this plugin! But FYI, MuseScore 3.5 is coming very soon and has chord symbol playback built in :-). You can download nightly builds for testing using the Download / Software link above (scroll down to find the nightly builds).

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Hi Marc, thanks for your quick response. I became aware of the upcoming feature in 3.5 only after I started working on my plugin. Since it's not a very big plugin, I decided to finish it and post it anyway. Plus, it was fun learning how to build a plugin and seeing it actually work!

BTW, I tried Realize Chord Symbols in the nightly build about a month ago - I couldn't find a way to generate the suggested voicings you have published, which I quite like, and which my plugin emulates. Do you know if this will be improved in the final 3.5 release?

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Yes, I understand about want to finish what you started and learn something in the process!

I don't think those specific voicings are there, although probably a couple of the options are fairly similar, really even the defaults should be. For the "jazz" voicings, try turning on that interpretation specifically. Even if they aren't 100% literally the same, they should generally be comparable for the most part.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to play around with the feature in a current build - or wait a couple of days (?) for a somewhat more official alpha that I suspect will be coming soon. There won't be changes between now and the real 3.5 unless people start testing it and giving feedback, but if we get some good specific suggestions for improvement, then we can indeed work on implementing them.

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