Entering lyrics should skip tied notes

• Apr 19, 2020 - 22:17
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When entering lyrics to existing notes, Musescore goes always to the next note after pressing "Hyphen" or "Space".

But it should skip notes, which are connected to the previous one by a tie. Because these two (or more) notes form in reality ONE longer note, where only one syllable of lyrics should be placed.
(other programs like "Denemo" or "Dorico" behave like that)

There are only very rare cases (several verses with different number of syllables), where a syllable should be placed beneath a tied note (with a dotted or dashed tie).


I just found this as I was looking up the issue myself to see if there was a solution. I touch-type lyrics from sheets of paper without looking up at the screen, and it's annoying to keep looking up again and realise I've put in a lyric in the 2nd of a tied pair of notes.

Yes the functionality to add to the 2nd note of a pair should be there for times it's needed, but another way could be found to do that - and surely the instances where it's needed are quite small, therefore for most people and situations, automatically skipping the 2nd of the pair would be more convenient?

Or couldn't it be an option in MuseScore that can be toggled on or off based on user preference / project needs?

Hope that makes sense.

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My suggestion is:

Normal behaviour: Musescore skips the tied note(s)

If - in special cases - I want to place a syllable beneath a tied note, I select that tied note directly with the mouse and press CTR+L.
Then Musescore can put the lyrics there - and continues afterwards with the (new) normal behaviour.

Normal behavoir should be to skip the tied note and automatically add the melisma _ or - and right align the lyrics syllable as part of that.

Workaround Yes No

I think a change of behaviour of musescore is important, because the suggested workaround with the usage of a melisma _ , results in a wrong notation. This is the case because a melisma should only be used if a syllable must be sung over several DIFFERENT notes and this is definitely not the case with tied notes.
src: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melisma