MIDI keyboard issue: Yamaha-specific

• Apr 18, 2020 - 21:31

I know this subject has been addressed several times before. Maybe not specifically regarding a Yamaha P125 digital piano.

The Yamaha P125 that I started using recently won't connect to MuseScore after following the instructions in the manual (plug in and turn on keyboard before starting MuseScore, enable note input). However, it works fine with my primary DAW (Logic Pro X) for all MIDI tasks. So I switched back to the Roland keyboard I had used before and it works perfectly with MuseScore as usual.

I installed and ran the newest/only available Yamaha drivers for Mac on my 2017 iMac (USB-MIDI Driver V1.3.2-2 for Mac macOS). This didn't help MuseScore to recognize the P125.

For now I'll keep using the Roland because it's working but would rather keep the Yamaha connected to the iMac and use it if possible. Has anyone come across and resolved this problem with a Yamaha MIDI keyboard and a Mac computer?


In addition to the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver, check the P125 owner's manual to find out if there is something like a 'Keyboard Out' setting that needs to be activated within the Yamaha piano to send MIDI out.

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