Sound Changes and Staff-Text Properties

• Apr 17, 2020 - 17:40

I (fairly new to MuseScore) recently went through a number days of confusion when trying to do mid-score sound changes. Certainly some of my confusion arose simply from lack of understanding how the program works, but the core reason of my difficulty was something very easy to overlook: Here is the text from the handbook on my issue.
Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 8.45.54 AM.png

While the example image shows voice 1 selected, in the handbook text there is no mention of clicking a voice button within that window. Perhaps clarifying the handbook would be helpful, but I don't think that is an intuitive solution.

The mistaken reasoning behind my newby error was this...
1. I had selected a note in a measure to begin the sound change; clicked on 'staff text' in the "Text Pallet"; typed in my staff text; and opened its property. So far so good.
2. The note selected in the staff had a voice assigned (predominantly #1 in most scores): all notes must be associated to a voice if they are to be linked to playback sounds.
3. My assumption was that since I had selected a note in the score, the change I was about to make would affect that particular note and voice. A reasonable assumption.
4. My assumption was not completely correct, because it took a further step in the text-properties window to 'also' click the respective voice button in the window once the new sound channel had been selected. I didn't think to do that, nor was it obvious to me, since there was only one voice at that point in my music.

My suggestion is this...why not default the voice selected in the staff-properties window to reflect the value of the note selected, which is required to get the process started in the first place?

I understand that in some cases one could want only certain voices in a staff to be modified, but if the modification prompting the addition of a 'staff-text properties change' reflected the highlighted note, then the user could make decisions to select other voices once reaching the properties window.

The way it is currently set up... a "null" selected for any voice, means one more thing to overlook when using the staff-text tool. I'd be surprised if seasoned users don't sometimes forget to click that voice button in order to save their channel change, and then have to go back in to do it again. The lack of a default voice assignment used up a lot of time and energy by those generous people who were trying to suss out the core of my issue from the cloud of my lack of knowledge.

Thanks for your attention.


FWIW, that section is out of date, "pizz" actually works right out of the box in current versions. Step 5 of the instructions does explicitly say you have to select a voice there in the dialog. But I agree, it's kind of a pain that this is necessary, it's been a source of confusion for years. There are some discussions about how this dialog could be redesigned in the future.

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