i am trying desparately to change the grouping on 5/8

• Apr 17, 2020 - 16:32

Please tell me how to do it. I am a music student in Greece. The grouping on our traditional Thrace dances is 5/8 that must be grouped in 2/8 plus 3/8. I have been trying for hours to change that with no results.. the steams unite themselves in 3/8 plus 2/8, thus the reverse.. please tell me if is it possible to write Greek music with this program..


Did you try the instructions in Help / Online Handbook, in the section on Beams or on Time signatures? The information is found in both places. For future reference, the Handbook is the place to find most info.

The short answer is: use the beam settings when you create the time signature in the first place,e or if you are using an existing time signature, click it and then Time Signature Properties in the Inspector to bring up the same dialog with the beam settings.

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