Formatting in header and footer

• Apr 17, 2020 - 12:47

When one double-clicks on a text element, a box opens at the bottom of the screen that allows formatting changes (bold, italic, superscript, etc.). Would it be possible to add these same controls when editing header or footer text? The footer in my current project is in French, including the title "1er Ordre"; French typography expects that ordinal abbreviations be superscripted, which I can't do at the moment.


Currently, there are a limited number of markup tags you can add to your text. Apparently enclosing text in <sup>text</sup> works. Also "i" for italic, etc. Not sure what the full list is.

Better header/footer facilities are something we definitely we like to add at some point (and for 3.5, it will at least be easier to get to the dialog).

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