Score keeps crash when every I try to edit it.

• Apr 17, 2020 - 03:23

Score keeps crash when every I try to edit it.

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So, it should be easy to come up with one specific example :-)

Here's what I tried:

1) click first note of first measure of first staff
2) press Down arrow

No crash. I tried a few other random things and couldn't get it to crash. I also tried saving, which is known to sometimes cause crashes if one of the parts is corrupt, but again, no crash for me. But I don't doubt that there exists some operation that will crash. So please see if you can provide precise step by step instructions.

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Okay so I am trying to clean up and split up some of the parts and after playing around with it I am only having trouble with the alto sax part. I copy and paste the 1st 10 bars from alto 1 into alto 2, and then I try and delete the bottom notes from alto 1 and the top notes from alto 2. I can normally deleted them all from the 10 bars and everything is fine, but it is know giving me problems but JUST with the alto sax part. I try to just delete some from alto 1 (2 notes) then 2 from alto 2 and it crashed as well.

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OK, I was able to get a crash by following those steps, and can actually simplify it from there:

1) select bottom note of first chord in Alto 1 part
2) delete

The crash goes away if I first delete the Alto 1 part and recreate it. So it seems there is some sort of issue with that part indeed. But actually, it might just literally be the first note? Other notes I tried deleting worked fine. And it doesn't seem obviously corrupt to me.

BTW, note you don't need to go to that trouble to do what you are presumably trying to do with he copy/paste & delete. Instead, just use Tools / Explode to divide that alto part into two staves. After fixing the corrupt part by deleting and regenerating it.

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