Linux on Chromebook r11

• Apr 16, 2020 - 10:27

I've recently downloaded the Linux version of musescore fell in love with it and it worked really well for a couple of days. However, once I've installed the drumline extension as well as the HQ extension from the resource directory, the program started going haywire. The program has a lot of black areas and it would crash.
I've tried everything from a complete factory reset, turning on Crostini GPU acceleration, hyper threading for my Intel Celeron CPU and following the instructions to the T but, it would still crash. I'm not sure if this is on behalf of musescore itself or if it's just the nature of running a beta version of Linux on chrome OS via virtual machine?

Thanks for understanding!


See the various other threads regarding Chromebook here - it seems ChromeOS 81 broke Linux apps badly. I don't know if it's possible to revert to 80, but I would advise it if it's possible. Otherwise, be sure you are turning Crostino GPU support off, not on - that's the known workaround for some of the problems. Be sure to restart the system

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