Help with corrupted file?

• Apr 12, 2020 - 19:08

Does anybody know a good way to try to recover a file that's suddenly been corrupted? Put in about ten hours on an original and I can't even open it. I tried to recover the hidden file, put I only came up with the bare skeleton that I started with. Any help at all would be appreciated, please. I know that some people here have looked at files and were able to fix an issue, so I'm hoping to have that luck. Thanks for reading.

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Good morning/afternoon/night. Could you please repair this file if it is possible? My computer shut down abruptly because of an error, while I was working on it. And when I turned it on again, the file was corrupted.
I really liked where it was going, and I can not remember it ;(
I would really appreciate it if you could check it.
(English is not my first language btw; in case there are mistakes

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Hello! I seriously don't even know what happened to this, all the notes are messed up now and weird rests that I can't remove have been added?... Super confused, if anyone could help that'd be great!

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It's not clear what in particular you are finding to be "messed up" as we don't how it should look. But a couple of measures I see do indeed have an extra beat or fraction of a beat in them, as if you inserted it using the special insert mode. To now delete it, select it and hit Ctrl+Delete.

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Yes, I uploaded it to see if maybe it will be fine online (and also it's private), but it's still blank.
Anyway, I'm really confused, I wrote a whole piece but then one day I just restarted my computer and when I opened the score again it was blank, how could that happen?

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If not disabled, Musescore has an autosave option. Then you have a chance.
On Windows there is in your score directory a hidden subdirectory named ".mscbackup". Try to open it, either in the Win Explorer options activate s.t. like 'show hidden files' or add in the Explorer .mscbackup in the address field.
There you should find a file. It should be named ".Trecilloso Chapter 2.mscz," with a dot at the beginning and a comma at the end.
Rename this by removing the dot an the comma and open it with Musescore. You can find at least the state of the prior save command.

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Use the file browser that comes with your OS - Explorer in Windows, or Finder on macOS - and set it to show hidden files. If you need help with that do a web search for “how to show hidden files on Windows” (or macOS).

Once you enable the display of hidden files, you will see the .mscbackup folder underneath the folder containing your actual score.

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This file is not recoverable. You may have tried to save it properly but somewhere between MuseScore creating and closing the MSCZ file and your operating system saving it properly it got mangled or, more, likely simply didn't get completely saved. Most of this files consists of "00".


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A *.mscz file is a zipped file. You can open it with e.g. 7-zip. Among other things, it mainly contains a relatively large *.mscx file that can be read by an ASCII editor. This *.mscx file contains all the information about your score.
But yours didn't contain a *.mscx file, so it's beyond repair.

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