Brackets in the middle of the measure

• Apr 11, 2020 - 17:55

Is there a way to put a bracket say on the 2nd count of a measure? I am working on a choral piece and the composer wants the organ to drop out if the choir is up to it. Is there a way to put a bracket around the organ parts that he wants to drop out?


I'm not sure what kind of bracket you want - a picture would help - but there are tons of symbols available on the Symbols palette - press "Z" to display. These can be added to any note/rest in your score and positioned however you like.

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I am transcribing a piece for choir and organ. There are times in the piece where the composer would like just the choir--if they're up to it--to sing. I still need the organ part there just in case the choir can't do it alone. Is there some way to put a bracket around the organ system and start with the second count of the measure?

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Those are not brackets. They are repeat barlines with "wings".

To get those, go to Format>Style>Barlines select Show Repeat Barline Tips ("winged repeats")

Your picture also looks like it is using Musejazz music font. To get that look, select Musejazz as the Musical Symbol font in Format>Style>Score. But the "winged" repeats can be applied with any of the musical symbol fonts.

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