Make one and a half sharp sharp and one and a half flat flat

• Apr 10, 2020 - 17:25

Take 24-TET as an example, so I'll just need to tune it 50 cents away instead of 150, considerably reducing distortion on timbre.

Ok, but the serious reason is that I'm making a plugin for 17-TET and apparently some one and a half sharps/flats will tune it 200+ cents away, which is prohibited by the program itself.

I'd appreciate it more if anyone comes up with other solutions without changing the program, cuz I do think of some undesired side effects with the change.


Tuning is indeed restricted to +/- 200, or 2 semitones, double flat/sharp. 1 1/2 sharp/flat are +/- 150

Seems that is a restriction in the note inspector UI file only though, in accidental.cpp I see +/- 250 being used
I see no reason not to extend that range in Inspector. Question is what a reasonable limit would be, the +-250 used elsewhere already? Or +- 300 (there are triple flat/shrap accidentals, so this would be needed as a minimum I guess)? More?

Plugins should not have that restriction at all.

One problem though is that currently the Inspector not only doesn't allow values outside the +- 200 range, it also doesn't show them, so while it might be set to 300, Inspector would show it as 200. But the sound/tuning is correctly played

See, I went for +- 300

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