Integration with Learning Management Systems

• Apr 9, 2020 - 07:59

I was wondering whether there is any work being done towards integration with any LMS (Google Classroom, Teams, SeeSaw)...
In the same line: is an browser-based editor something you have considered to any degree?


Browser-based editor is a nice dream, it gets thought of from time to time but it's a pretty enormous undertaking to convert a program designed to run on a single computer into that sort of architecture. So nothing I'd expect to see happen any time soon.

As for integration with LMS, that's an interesting question. What would that integration look like to you? The most obvious thing I can think of is, ability to place a score display/playback widget within a page of your LMS, and that's already possible using the embed code from Simply upload your score there, hit the Share button, and grab the embed code. I use that all the time.

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In these times of online education, I have been trying to find a solution to make MS really interactive with my music students, but haven't really managed. I really don't see how true LMS integration is possible without online (browser based) editable scores. In flat and noteflight, one can create a template, and then send copies of it to students, who work on the score and submit back the exercise. In order to do that with MS, all my students would have to download MS. Even if my school allowed it — they strongly advised us teachers to force parents to install tons of new software and make profiles on other portals than the many ones they already use —, just the thought of having to double as IT-guy for all parents having trouble installing, setting the audio preferences right, etc. scares me...

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Right, again, we all totally get that an online editor would be a wonderful, thing that would be nice to have someday in the future. But as I said, that's an enormous undertaking that would not be something anyone could expect to see soon. My question is, other than that, what would better integration with an LMS look like?

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Hi, Marc, it would be great to have a platform that integrates with Google Classroom that allows teachers to create/share or use musescore-developed music theory exercises with each other, and then assign those exercises to our students. Self-grading assignments would be the cherry on top.

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Nice ideas! Can you expand on that a bit - how would you see this working? It's already possible to share your own exercises on, and to the extent you can get embed codes from into Google Classroom (that's the part I'm not no sure about) you can share these that way. I guess a more direct way from Classrom to simply say "insert file here" and it would generate the embed code for you?

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Hi Marc - at the moment it's a one-way-street from me to the student. I use the embed code a lot but I can't ask them to complete the worksheet and return it to me for marking (as far as I know). I know that Flat has integration with Google Classroom so you can set a task to a whole class , mark and give feedback. Many thanks.

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It's important to understand, MuseScore is open source software, so in general, the features that get implemented are the ones enough users want that one of them volunteers to implement it. So far, this apparently hasn't been a popular enough request. That said, there is also a dedicated team of "in house" developers, but they have been exclusively focused for the past two years on producing MuseScore 4, which concentrated on simplified UI and improved playback. Once that work is completed (except to still take another year really - MuseScore 4.0 will be out soon, but then there will be 4.1.etc), then things like being able to work across systems is on the radar to work on in the future.

Meanwhile, it would help if you explained your use case in more detail. Which LMS do you use, for example, and how exactly do you see n integration working? I have had no problem downloading files uploaded by students, making my changes, and uploading the result. MuseScore doesn't run in a browser so it's hard to see how that type of integration would work. MuseScore 4 will have a new "save to cloud" feature that eventually could be used as the basis for a type of collaboration.

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