Instrument Changing Crashes

• Apr 9, 2020 - 01:06

Every time I try to change an instrument, it crashes and I cant keep writing until its fixed due to the need of many parts switching instruments.


This is something that doesn't happen here (version 3.4.2) on a newly created score. And there is currently no bug reported in this feature. So it is the most likely something specific to your score - a corruption somewhere, or anything else. So, we would need you to attach this score in order to help you and understand what is going on.

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Thanks. In fact, I had understood that the problem lay in the function of "Change Instrument", (…) and that the crash occurred at this change.

In reality, we talk about the "Mid-staff Instrument Change" function (, and the crash occurs simply by starting the playback. No corruption, then, in parts or main score, in the sense of incomplete measures, or otherwise.

As you had sensed, the problem lies in the Synthesizer part: -Synthesizer_1.mscz

Undoing the "Choir" change at the beginning of part D solves the crash indeed. But not only that.Changing the "normal" channel (instead of "Harmonics") in the Staff Text Properties at the beginning of Part B also solves the problem.
And "overdrive" text in part A also seems to have a role. In short, we need to dig a little deeper to understand what connects all this.

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