MuseScore displays tied dotted half notes as dotted whole note. When attempting to fix it, it crashes

• Apr 8, 2020 - 01:32
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I have a composition I'm working on, and it's in 3/4 time signature. Most of my tied dotted half notes are being displayed as a dotted whole note, with the next measure being completely blank. The measure doesn't even have a rest or anything. It's just blank. When I try to fix it by deleting the dotted whole note and inputting two dotted half notes and attempt to tie them, it immediately turns back into the dotted whole note. When I click undo and then redo, the system crashes.

1) Open MuseScore
2) Go to one of the bars that have the dotted whole note
3) Select the bar with the dotted whole note and the completely blank bar, and delete them both (just clear that measure, don't remove those bars).
4) In the two bars add two dotted half notes of the same pitch
5) Attempt to tie them. Trying to tie them will turn it back into the dotted whole note with the empty bar.
6) Press undo, and then redo. Do it a few times, and the system will crash. I've done this like three to four times and has done this every single time.

I have no idea why this is happening. It was fine literally minutes before, and then I tried to tie something weird by accident, and next thing I know, I scroll over and I see that weird thing. I haven't seen this reported by anyone else.

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(I found one in measure 51, "Musical Glasses" staff)
You've enabled Format > Style > Score > Display note values across measure boundaries (EXPERIMENTAL, early music only)
Don't do that unless you really need it.
MuseScore of course shouldn't crash on this though...

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I can't reproduce the crash, score got last saved with MuseScore 3.3.4, the latest version though is 3.4.2, so please update to that and check, I guess that crash might have been fixed between those releases