Can't insert page break after frames

• Apr 6, 2020 - 16:37

Hello! I am using 3.4.2 but I have more experience using version 2. I am creating a method book (requiring lots of text frames and spacial formatting). When using MS2 I added a page break to any element that I wanted to have at the end of a page. In 3.4.2 I am finding I can only use the page break function on lines of music, so if I want to have text or space at the end of a page I can't unless I have it perfectly spaced and aligned to bottom margin. I know that I could just insert vertical frames to the bottom of the page and adjust them to exactly the right size so that it bumps whatever comes next to the other page, but I get in trouble with negative frames this way. Also, if I edit anything in the score later, I need to readjust all of the frame sizing to make sure I have the right stuff on the right pages again. It is a work in progress, but I am using and distributing to students as I go along so constantly correcting the vertical frames is cumbersome. Is there a way to apply page breaks to elements besides music in version 3, like there was in version 2? Thank you!


I can still simply attach a page break to a text frame without issues. Just make sure to select the frame itself and not the text within it.

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Thanks! I had always just dragged the page break icon over the frame to insert it. You are correct that the more 'normal' way (selecting the frame and then clicking on the page break) does work. I just didn't know about it! The dragging and dropping only seems to work on measures of music in MS3, but that's fine now that I know how to do it differently.

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Oddly, I find drag & drop works too, but only sometimes. Thought maybe it was the same caveat as with select = you have to make sure to get the frame, not some text within it. But no, it seems somehow more random than that. Seems until I succeed once with select/click, drag & drop almost never works, but after that it almost always does?

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This may be a stupid question but... How? Anytime I click near, around, on the border, over or off of the text of text frame it selects the text. If I click a second time it puts in a cursor for me to type. I'm back to my original problem now: drag and drop still doesn't work and I also cannot seem to select the text frame to add the page break by selecting and clicking.

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Essentially, your method worked for me for vertical frames and drag and drop works for measures of music, but I still don't have a method that works for text frames- or I just can't figure out how to select the right thing.

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Any time one element overlaps another, Ctrl+click will select the overlappings elements one at a timer. So, if the first click doesn't get what you want, Ctrl+click will unselect it and select what's behind it, if anything.

But moving the text out of the way temporarily also works, as do Alt+Left/Right to navigate by element.

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