Unwanted voice 1 rests in the LH piano staff

• Apr 6, 2020 - 08:23

I've just copied a piano score into Musescore. I used all 4 voices in order to get notes with stem lines up and down in both the RH/treble and LH/bass staves in accordance with the tune movements. I restricted it to voices 1 and 2 in the treble; voices 3 and 4 in the bass. As I did this I noticed that lots of full bar rests were automatically inserted in the bass stave. These rests are all voice 1 and so cannot be deleted. Why am I getting voice 1 rests in the bass stave when I have not written anything in voice 1 on the bass staff?

My web searched have found unwanted rests in Musescore reported elsewhere and it has been explained that voice 1 must be used and complete, but this does not explain why in my case, voice 1 (full bar rests only) are crossing over to the bass staff.

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You wrote:
I restricted it to voices 1 and 2 in the treble; voices 3 and 4 in the bass.

From the handbook:
"There is no need to use (MuseScore) voices 3 and 4 unless there are more than two parts in the same staff. This means that in the bass clef of a “close score”, the tenor is voice 1 and the bass is voice 2—beginners often without thinking assign the bass to 1, resulting in stem-direction confusion, or assign tenor to voice 3 and bass to voice 4, which then leads to confusing rests appearing in voice 1 (which cannot be deleted)."


There's no such thing as an unwanted voice 1 rests, really. Voice 1 is mandatory and needs to be complete in every single staff. Only voice 2-4 are optional

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You wrote:
I guess it's in the manual somewhere...
Yes it is, under 'Voices' -- as I referenced above.

If your "next job"' requires something like 'transposition', or 'lyrics', the handbook is a good first stop.
(In other words, you don't have to read the whole manual.)

Also, if you wish to add clarification to something in the handbook you find confusing, you can either make suggestions here, or edit the information yourself.

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