MP3 to play alongside my score?

• Apr 5, 2020 - 01:37

I’m trying to create a snare cover to a song. Is there a way that during playback the song will play with the score?


Im not sure what a “snare cover” is in this context, but if you have an audio file you want to hear played along with your score, best to export your score to audio also then mix them in audio software.

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I'd like to put my vote in for this feature too. My use case is that I am an arranger that does a lot of work adding instruments to existing recordings, for example horn parts to a pop song. So I want to hear the Musescore horn playback along with the original song I'm adding to. My current system for doing this involves playing the original from my DAW (Reaper), then starting Musescore playback at the same place in the score, hitting play at just the right time, including compensating for the lag in Musescore starting playback. So needless to say, it is a pretty cumbersome and error prone process! Adjust the start location in 2 different pieces of software, start one a bar early, switch to the other and start it at the appropriate time to sync everything up, ....
If Musescore could just play an MP3 or wave file along with its playback, starting it at time 0, that would be a great help to my workflow!
Regarding Marc's suggestioni of exporting and mixing in the DAW, I do that for the final product. But for making small edits and previewing the results, it takes way too long to export everything. Think of doing this tens or hundreds of times as you are working.
The work-arounds linked to by Jojo-Schmitz have the fatal flaw that they only work if you start at the beginning of the song. That is obviously a non-starter (pun intended) for me since I need to preview the song at aribtrary locations without sitting through minutes waiting for it to happen.
I realize that you guys have a lot of feature requests and things you want to do, but hopefully this use case helps show why this could be a valuble feature. And hopefully not super difficult to implment if it was kept simple, i.e. trigger 1 audio file to playback lined up to time 0. Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi, this seems to be a use case for the Replayer app (I am the author). There is a windows version currently available, with a web version in development.

Replayer is a free, cue-based media player for rehearsals with playback music.
By the click of a button, Replayer starts to play at predefined times in the audio file.


(or for web-based files you can try the quirli player at, which will be replaced by the final web version, eventually)

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I have almost exactly the same problem. Is there any way MTC (midi time code) either to chase or send could be implemented? I am surprised this has not been addressed (other than with Jack) which does not work with my set up. I have seen various tutorials that claim they can do this, but all of them are extremely convoluted and are abysmal failures, at least for me.

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I recently switched from Aered to MuseScore. Aered has a very easy and cool way to play any part of your score and sync an MP3 file to the part you're on. This allows writing the score as you hear the song, ensuring you have all the notes right. It allows to set an initial delay to match the score exactly with the MP3. Even works when randomly playing or repeating a specific part within the score.

I think the current "solutions" described in the forum are only for experts in the music industry - I'm just a "noob" drumset student which wants to create some scores for his songs.

I hope a "simple" mp3-playback/sync feature is being thought of! Please try out Aered Drums software to see how easy it can be!

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